Improve Your Bottom Line By Hiring An Accountant

certifiedpublicaccountantMaintaining financial organization and integrity is critical to the success of a business. Whether you are an emerging entrepreneur of have been in operations for a few years, employing the services an accountant enables you to manage your finances while providing you more time to growing your enterprise.

At the same, many business owners ignore these benefits believing they or their office manager can simply handle these responsibilities through a digital application such as QuickBooks. What these business executives and entrepreneurs miss is that contracting a certified public accountant as either a full-time or part-time asset actually has the capacity to put money into the pocket of your business and essentially pay for its own costs.

Assets of an Accountant
Contracting an experienced accountant, you insulate your organization against inept financial management. An accountant possesses the skills and expertise to assist a business at various stages of its development.

For example, in the initial stages of a new venture, an account has the capacity to add value in the following ways:

  1. Provide insight the type of company to form under the law such as an LLC
  2. Navigate the financial components of your business endeavor
  3. Advise you on how to optimize your profit margins, particularly if the own is personally invested financially speaking

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5 Content Development Tips You Should Consider

Due to the recent quality changes that Google has promulgated throughout its search engine ranking system, content has truly become king. The way that your company approaches content will therefore make a difference in how well you perform with your clients and with online algorithms that help determine your reputation. Check out the below tips to improve your content development strategy.r

Long Live Quality!: According to most firms that are using metrics to rank performance of authors, going forward, quality is one of the key determinants of how each article will be perceived. Companies therefore will want to understand that quality = visibility when it comes to search engine rankings. The necessary changes to your marketing programs should follow as you try to increase the reputation of the authors that write for you. You will also want to stay away from keyword stuffing that includes references to your own company in a very involved way because that is viewed as a negative. Instead, adding a reference to you as a 3rd party or potential partner has come into vogue.

Compel Your Audience: If you are writing for SEO or search engine optimization, i.e. a way to climb up the rankings so that your content link is displayed when someone searches on the keywords that define your company, you should still remember that compelling someone to read an article by including facts or opinions that they may not get in other places will cause the visitors that do see your link to enjoy the article and rate you more highly as an author or a company.

Follow The Leaders: When it comes to content, you can take some cues from newspapers that spend a lot of time to try different concepts to see where the organic traffic flows. They then gravitate towards providing that type of news or style of story. One example of this is to use news of the fantastic on social media. Newspapers found that whereas you can’t always scoop your competition, if you pull stories from the wire that are extremely interesting and post them on social media- even though they may not normally covered by your local news approach, they will draw visitors to your feed and increase the organic traffic you have on your website.
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5 Effective Ways To Improve E-commerce Conversion Rates

CROE-commerce is a bustling industry. More consumers than ever before are utilizing digital storefronts to purchase the same goods and services that they would in traditional ‚Äúbrick and mortar‚ÄĚ stores.

Some estimates state that 80% of online users have purchased goods online, while 50% have made multiple digital purchases. According to many statistics and studies, the average cart abandonment rate is over 60%+. This means that the majority of E-commerce retailers are wasting over HALF of all their traffic.

If you’re in the business of e-commerce, making sure to¬†maintain high conversion rates is one of the most important things you can do. Conversion rate optimization is a strategy implemented to ensure you get the most value for all of your website traffic. This is accomplished by collecting data from conversion funnels, reducing outbound links, adding info-graphics, and much much more.

Below are 5 tips for improving conversions on your E-commerce web store.

Use Quality Images for Your Products

The most influential factor for e-commerce sales revolves not around what you can say, but what you can show.

High-definition pictures that lack grain or any other photographic blemishes tend to make products sell significantly better. Multiple quality images boosts that conversion rate even higher. You can take this step further by introducing videos or 360 degree photos like those found on Amazon.

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Inbound Marketing: What’s The Hype!?

inboundMost methods of marketing are outbound. They have you actively trying to reach new customers by email, letters or television commercials. However, the modern shopper is changing and because of this, traditional forms of marketing are becoming less effective. The problem with these methods is that they can be costly while offering increasingly lower conversion rates. This makes it harder for you to create a profit that you can use to expand your business. Enter inbound.

What if you had a way for customer to come to you? What if people whom were readily seeking solutions sought out your business?

This is exactly the point of inbound marketing.

Let’s examine what it is, and why you may want to use it instead of your traditional outbound marketing strategies.

What Is Inbound Marketing?

Each and every customer visiting your business or website is at a different stage in the ‘buying cycle’. Inbound marketing is the philosophy that you should be serving content specific to each visitor’s location in the ‘buying cycle’. With a properly optimized inbound campaign, you can serve the customer who’s ready to buy a completely different webpage than the customer who is just looking for more information.
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Money Yoga: Making Your Budget Last

If you have ever had to wait until payday in order to get something done, then you should definitely be interested in the concept of money yoga. Here are a few ways that you can stretch your finances out so that your paychecks won’t seem so long in coming.

‚Äď First of all, plan all of your meals ahead of time.

A great deal of your budget likely goes into paying for the convenience of eating when you want to. However, if you place food in strategic locations such as work, in your car and in your gym locker, you will not pay for the convenience of having someone else place this food in front of you.

‚Äď Second, join a warehouse retailer.

Buying things in bulk can save you a great deal of money from month-to-month. Food items such as bread, water, rice and chicken can be purchased in large quantities for much less money per unit. The same concept applies with some clothing items such as undergarments and socks.
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2 New Companies To Help Protect Your Privacy

privacyTaking Back Your Privacy

Mark Cuban is notoriously known for being able to dictate and predict where the market will go in the future. His area of expertise hones in on the technological advancements of the software world while he lends input and capital in order to push the companies in the right direction. The one topic that is coming to the forefront of both the tech industry and the political realm is that of privacy.

How well are you choosing your words when you’re online? Have you ever made a post or expressed and opinion that might be deemed ‘politically incorrect’? The harsh truth of the matter is that almost all of our activity online is being monitored and can easily be tampered with. Numerous cases have shown where hackers and terrorists used clever and unique ways in which to steal code, break into accounts, and exploit or steal valuable information.

The most recent violation of privacy came on November 24th, 2014 when a hacker group called the Guardians of Peace stole internal information from Sony. The information leaked revealed private email conversations, employee salaries, hidden projects, and other sensitive material. This caused a complete stop of all activity within the organization and delayed the release of the movie The Interview. The movie depicts the main characters meeting the North Korean leader, Kim Jung-un, and assassinating him.
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Connecting Your Marketing & Public Relations Strategy

touchscreen interfacePublic relations has always been an important factor of any marketing campaign due to the fact that poor communication with their demographic usually spells doom for a brand. What’s more important though is the mindset from whjich the issue of public relations originates from.

Many brands tend to think marketing first, public relations last, which is a backwards way of doing things. Any marketing campaign should be built around the consumer experience if it hopes to achieve its marketing and financial goals. Let’s go over a few tips on how a business can improve its public relations in online marketing.

Social Media

One of the most common ways for consumers to interact with a brand these days is social media. Some companies even place more emphasis on their FaceBook page or Twitter than their website. Why? Because consumers spend more time on FaceBook, Twitter, etc. than they do on a company’s specific website.

This allows for a greater degree of brand interaction to happen between the company and their consumers. There are a few things to keep in mind though such as the fact that giving consumers free speech on a social media platform will open a brand up to criticism and trolling in some cases. Strict moderation of comments may or may not be needed to protect the brand’s image.
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Why You Should Consider Taking Classes Online

onlinelearningIn modern society, getting a good education through virtual programs has become increasingly popular. In recent years, this is especially true, as online GED tests and digital high schools have only gotten better over time. Needless to say, there are many good reasons to consider going to a virtual school as opposed to a conventional one. Not only can students design their own schedules, but they can choose between a wider array of classes and there are less obstacles to get in their way.

Custom Schedules

As most of us know from personal experience, it is often very hard to learn as much as you could if you are forced to get up very early in the morning and stay in school all the way into the afternoon. Not to mention that many students have to hold jobs for whatever reason, which only makes it more difficult.

However, virtual schools fix this problem very well by letting pupils decide upon their own schedules. It does not matter when or where you study; all that matters is that you turn your work in on time. This essentially means that a pupil could work in the middle of the night or on the beach – whatever works best for them!
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